Letting Go of The Future You Planned for Yourself

For a long time, I feared my future being in the hands of a God I’ve never seen. For me, there was nothing worse than hearing someone say, “Wait on God”. What exactly am I waiting for? What’s the purpose of waiting when I can just go out and get it myself? I always felt [...]


Grateful for Your Absence

If you ever wonder about your 25-year-old daughter; she’s doing fine, she is successful, she’s been hurt a few times, but she turned out amazing. You taught me pain, you taught me heart break, you taught me what it means to leave it all behind, and to care about nothing. So, I’m so very thankful [...]

For the Broken-hearted

“Whatever you’re facing, if your heart is breaking… there’s a promise for the ones who just hold on.”  Everyone handles pain differently. Some of us seek closure to give our hearts peace. Others build a wall to keep people from ever having control over their lives and emotions. Then there are those who seek a [...]

Lost and Found In Christ..

Pick up your cross and follow Christ. If someone would’ve told me that I was a manipulator months ago, I would’ve probably cursed them. We don’t like the ugly truth, especially when it concerns something we’re so sure about in the moment. Like who we are and what we want in life. I thought I [...]